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Channel 7 Muay Thai


Channel 7 Muay Thai took place on Sunday, 4th February 2024 at Channel 7 Stadium, Thailand

Event Information

  • Name: Channel 7 Muay Thai
  • Date:
    4th February 2024
  • Venue:
    Channel 7 Stadium
  • Location:


Dieselnoi Liemthanawat defeated Pornsanae Sor.Phumipat by decision.
Sudlor SitphuyaiTia defeated Tossakan ChangNakhonSi by technical knockout in round 2.
Teeradet ChangNakhonSi defeated Mahahin Nakbinalaiyon by decision.
Plerng Parunchai defeated Petchniyom FA Group by knockout in round 2.
Yokkiri TN.MuayThai defeated Petchmongkol SoonKelaHuaytom by decision.
Panthep VK Khaoyai defeated Attachai KelaSport by decision.
ChalamNgern Sitchalamkaw defeated Rolex Wor.Panyawai by decision.
Chokpichit ChotBangSaen defeated PetchMuangNua Sor.Yingcharoenkanchang by knockout in round 2.
Petch Parunchai defeated Win Sitjaynim by decision.
Denpayak SakSatun defeated Wanwiset Lukbanyai by decision.
Petchtawan Petchjinda defeated NuengSiam Sor Dechapan by decision.
Yodnatee PadoongchaiMuayThaiGym defeated Newpakorn Sor.Chokmeechai by decision.
Chalamdam NayokAthasala defeated Petchsangwan Sor.SamarnGarment by decision.
Pentor SP.KansardPaeminburi defeated Petchsongpak Sitcharoensap by decision.
Payak SakSatu defeated SuperBright Por.Pikanet by decision.
Petchprapaporn Sor Dechapan defeated Saknaka OrBorJor.NakhonPhanom by knockout in round 2.
Chatpayak SakSatun draw Pornsanae Sor.Phumpat.
Teerapong KraisirapopBoxingGym defeated YodbuaNgam LuckyBanterng by decision.
Monpraram SitpetchChalukan defeated Petchbancha Por.Mongkol-in by decision.
Jirawat Sor.Ratchaphum defeated Plaipayak Sor.Plabplanarai by knockout in round 4.
Petch PaBrakeCompact defeated Samingdam Chor.Ajonlaboon by knockout in round 3.
Sudlor SitphuyaiTia defeated Petchkongfah Wor.TechnoLuangPhusuang by decision.
Jaising Lukjaomaesaithong defeated Chokpichit ChotBangSaen by decision.
Pek PorTorTor.Thongtawee defeated ChalamNgern Sitchalamkaw by knockout in round 2.
Decho Bor.Borirak defeated Focus AdsanPatong by decision.
Den Sitnayoktaweeptapong defeated Poye Wor.Santai by decision.
Yodnatee PadoongchaiMuayThai defeated Nin PaBrakeCompact by decision.
Nitikorn Suannamtankiri defeated Silachai SorTor.ManNakhonRayong by decision.
PetchSiam Jor.PatreeyaKelaSiamSurin defeated Chalamdam NayokAthasala by decision.
Maoklee Pumpanmuang defeated Mungkornthong Petchkiatpetch by technical knockout in round 3.
Denpayak SakSatun defeated Pornwiset Sor.Chokmeechai by knockout in round 3.
Alek YodyutMuayThai defeated Silachai Dabchankongprab by decision.
Ratchadet TN.MuayThaiGym defeated PayakUdon Sitjaykan by decision.
Mahahin Petchkiatpetch defeated TahanEk NayokAthasala by decision.
Petchprapaporn Lukbanyai defeated DenSiam Liemthanawat by decision.
Samersing Lukjaoporluangwang defeated Sairattana Por.Homklin by decision.