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Muay Thai Mayhem


Muay Thai Mayhem was an event produced by Muay Thai Mayhem that took place on Saturday, 25th June 2022 at Effingham Park Hotel, United Kingdom

Event Information

  • Name: Muay Thai Mayhem
  • Date:
    25th June 2022
  • Organiser:
    Muay Thai Mayhem
  • Venue:
    Effingham Park Hotel
  • Location:


Alex Rose WIN TKO R4
Alex Axel
Alex Rose defeated Alex Axel by technical knockout in round 4.
George Jarvis defeated Marcel Adeyemi by decision.
George Jarvis defeated Unknown Unknown by knockout in round 4.
Christi Brereton defeated Grace Spicer by decision.
Grace Spicer defeated Ariana Santos by decision.
Jonathan Haggerty defeated Isaac Araya by technical knockout in round 2.
Jonathan Haggerty defeated Gery Bavetta by technical knockout in round 3.
Grace Spicer defeated Leonie Hardman by decision.
Bernise Alldis defeated Emily Wahby by decision.
Otis Waghorn defeated David Navarro by technical knockout in round 2.
Jamie Brown draw Bazil Okpabia.
Haydn Wilson defeated Adam Bachou by technical knockout in round 3.
Harry Moore draw Mikel Ruiz.
Harvey Thomson
Mo Khalifa WIN Decision
Mo Khalifa defeated Harvey Thomson by decision.
Jordan Hassler WIN Decision
Joss Weir
Jordan Hassler defeated Joss Weir by decision.
Simon Douthwaite defeated Harvey Law by knockout in round 2.
Bartek Zuczkowski defeated Aaron Voice by decision.
Christina Jo
Steffi Dykes WIN Decision
Steffi Dykes defeated Christina Jo by decision.
Brain Wilkes
Michael Do WIN Decision
Michael Do defeated Brain Wilkes by decision.
Sandy Murray WIN Decision
Jay Coe
Sandy Murray defeated Jay Coe by decision.
Conna Davies defeated Rhys Downey by technical knockout in round 5.
Mike Rutherford defeated Dave Woodland by decision.