Road To CFS


Road To CFS was an event produced by Combat Fight Series that took place on Saturday, 2nd December 2023 at Crofton Halls, United Kingdom

Event Information

  • Name: Road To CFS
  • Date:
    2nd December 2023
  • Organiser:
    Combat Fight Series
  • Venue:
    Crofton Halls
  • Location:


Archie Marlow defeated Asher Dhunoochand by technical knockout in round 4.
Ade Thomas defeated Daniel Moriarty by decision.
Ed Collins
Jordan Mercer WIN Decision
Jordan Mercer defeated Ed Collins by decision.
Jack Whalley
Chris Uwegba WIN Decision
Chris Uwegba defeated Jack Whalley by decision.
Sam Handyside defeated James Wilkinson by technical knockout in round 3.
Zoe Dreux defeated Jasmine Wonacott by technical knockout in round 1.
Katia Tsidemidi defeated Magdalen Christie by decision.
Misal Gurung WIN Decision
Will Webb
Misal Gurung defeated Will Webb by decision.
Birujee Rana defeated Parryis Alphonse by decision.
Bradley Tully defeated Stefan Lacatus by knockout in round 3.
Tyler Hogan defeated Tawab Mousavi by technical knockout in round 2.
Tom Kirk defeated Kevin Argelier by technical knockout in round 2.
Marcus Phillips defeated Paul Alexandru by decision.
Ush Campbell
TJ Simmons WIN Decision
TJ Simmons defeated Ush Campbell by decision.
Jack Slater (No Slack) defeated Gabriel Cardona by decision.
Jed Rivera WIN Decision
Adam Hall
Jed Rivera defeated Adam Hall by decision.
Kyrel Santo
Tom Dunlop WIN Decision
Tom Dunlop defeated Kyrel Santo by decision.
Adrian Sak
Ben Barrit WIN Decision
Ben Barrit defeated Adrian Sak by decision.
George Hattab
Toby Dabred WIN Decision
Toby Dabred defeated George Hattab by decision.
Darnell Hooper defeated Rylan Ramakrishnan by decision.
Sloan Siffet WIN Decision
Will Webb
Sloan Siffet defeated Will Webb by decision.
Tymon Michalak defeated Harry Reece by decision.
Jamie Hobbs draw Tom Hill.
Marlon Giacone defeated Aaron Walker by decision.
Jeffrey Khoukhaji defeated Louie Ryan by decision.
Filip Stayov WIN Decision
Jack Slater
Filip Stayov defeated Jack Slater by decision.
Oliver Turcyk
Cain Adams WIN Decision
Cain Adams defeated Oliver Turcyk by decision.