Road to MTGP – London (02.07.23)


Road to MTGP – London (02.07.23) was an event produced by Muay Thai Grand Prix that took place on Sunday, 2nd July 2023 at Scala, London, United Kingdom

Event Information

  • Name: Road to MTGP – London (02.07.23)
  • Date:
    2nd July 2023
  • Organiser:
    Muay Thai Grand Prix
  • Venue:
    Scala, London
  • Location:


Adam Game defeated Alassando Gasparini by technical knockout in round 3.
Mantas Salvinskas defeated Connor Aviet by decision.
Conrad Nicholaou defeated James Wilko by decision.
Tomas Slavinskas defeated Fred Mpeke by technical knockout in round 2.
Hasib Bin Tareq defeated Rios Clinton by decision.
Jaro Bielecki
Tom List WIN Decision
Tom List defeated Jaro Bielecki by decision.
Oscar Gonzalez defeated Joshua McGibbon by technical knockout in round 3.
Liam Patel WIN KO R1
Fin Cook
Liam Patel defeated Fin Cook by knockout in round 1.
Makis Georgiou defeated Stanislas Labonne by decision.
Aymen Kherbouche defeated Patryk Dybinski by decision.
Paul Lemarchand draw Rob Camp.
Wayne Yun Leung defeated Pete Middleton by technical knockout in round 3.
Saj Imran defeated Connor Bourne by knockout in round 1.
Sy Collins
Bartek Pawlak WIN Decision
Bartek Pawlak defeated Sy Collins by decision.
Thomas Hartman defeated Stanimir Tsvetkov by decision.
Vlad Putjatin WIN Decision
Amin Abdi
Vlad Putjatin defeated Amin Abdi by decision.
Zee Gayle WIN Decision
Emma Knightly
Zee Gayle defeated Emma Knightly by decision.