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Suek Jitmuangnon


Suek Jitmuangnon took place on Saturday, 3rd February 2024 at Jitmuangnon Stadium, Thailand

Event Information

  • Name: Suek Jitmuangnon
  • Date:
    3rd February 2024
  • Venue:
    Jitmuangnon Stadium
  • Location:


Kongkula Jitmuangnon defeated Chatchanin SorJor.TongPrachin by decision.
Detchpanu Sor.PhongAmorn defeated Petchkriangkrai Jitmuangnon by decision.
PetchSiam SiaTomKohLan defeated Puengdam BanRamba by decision.
Chalampetch AnSukhumvit defeated Apiwat Lukrakapetch by decision.
GuanOo Sangmorakot defeated Lamoon Jitmuangnon by knockout in round 4.
Rodtai Or.Chokchai defeated PetchEk Sitnamon by knockout in round 2.
Petchtaweesak Sangmorakot defeated Petchseenin Tor.Khong-in by decision.
Suakao Or.Chokchai defeated Krajomfai Sitnamon by decision.
Kengkla Jitmuangnon defeated Pongsiri Sujibamigiew by decision.
Nichao Wor.Wiriyakun defeated Saengtawan Lukkhaokwang by decision.
Petchnamkam PandakRattanaburi defeated TopGun Lion55 by decision.
Phudao LooksuanAutoR1 defeated BlackGun KraisirapopBoxingGym by decision.
Petchdam Jitsalaya defeated Karuehat Sor.Sananchai by knockout in round 3.
Sua SuanAhanPeekmai defeated SaiNakhon NayokNumSalaya by decision.
Kongpayak Wor.Wannimit defeated KrariengThai Gor.Petchsuttipong by decision.
Pajo AdsanPatong defeated BigBoom SiaTomKohLan by decision.
Plaipayak Sor.Sommai defeated Saklek Lion55 by decision.
Nuatoranee Jitmuangnon defeated Chatpichit SorSorToipadriew by decision.
PetchmuangOng Banraimonta defeated Palangpetch SiaTomKohLan by knockout in round 4.
Singdaeng Kiatphontip defeated Pote Wor.Taweekiat by decision.
Faidaeng BigOneChampionGym defeated Mahawet Gor.Saila by knockout in round 3.
Kaopong Lukporphayasua defeated Yokdam SorTor.YiewBangSaen by decision.
Chokpreecha OrBorTor.Preecha defeated Choktawee WeeranatGym by technical knockout in round 3.
Porsche Kiatsongrit defeated Tabtimsiam Petchsimuen by decision.
TongSiam Kiatsongrit defeated Alessandro Sara by decision.
Petchniran Por.Prawit defeated Rattapon Kiatphontip by decision.
Jongsanan SitTanaiKay defeated Chalamkaw Jitmuangnon by decision.
Watcharapon Saengmorakot defeated Kiewchalam NamphraeLukSaoKamnanGoong by technical knockout in round 4.
Yokmahesuan PhukongOng-TorMor defeated Samingdet RongrienRatchawinitBangKaew by decision.
Kumanthong Lukporphayasua defeated Petchpanthong Sor.Panittorn by knockout in round 1.
Petchnorasing Sor.Takienthong defeated Bonzai LooksuanAutoR1 by knockout in round 1.
Suakao Or.Chokchai defeated Manuthin Sor.Udomsakkankaset by decision.
Jaruadsuek KiatNavy defeated Jozef Molnar by decision.
PatakEk Theppakin defeated Petchphayathai Sangmorakot by decision.
PatakEk Theppakin defeated Petchmahachok Jitmuangnon by decision.
Petchnua PetchsupananTongKawChiangMai defeated Faidaeng BigWinChampionGym by decision.
Chalaenghin Jitsalaya defeated Chanon Sor.Singyu by technical knockout in round 3.
Gregor Thom defeated Sulaiman Looksuan by decision.
Thepmungkorn PakyokTH defeated TopGun Kiatsongrit by knockout in round 2.
Suabon MuayLineSianTri defeated Nichao Wor.Wiriyakun by decision.
Chatchanin SorJor.TongPrachin defeated Prajanban SorJor.VichitPadriew by technical knockout in round 4.
Pornpitak Sujibamigiew defeated Petchtaweesak Sangmorakot by knockout in round 3.
Petchsaenchai Jitmuangnon defeated Superboy Tor.Surat by decision.
Petchpayak SuakaoMuayThai defeated Porsche Or.UdUdon by decision.
Kongmeechai Wor.Wannimit defeated NokKaew LooksuanAutoR1 by decision.
Rodtai Or.Chokmeechai defeated Samingdam RongrienRatchawinitBangKaew by decision.
Lukkwan Sujibamigiew defeated Plaipayak Sor.Sommai by decision.
Sangfah Nor.AnuwatGym defeated Petchkriangkrai Jitmuangnon by knockout in round 3.
Yokpon Sor.Suwannaran defeated Robocop PattanasanonGym by technical knockout in round 3.
Singpayak Sor.Trakoonsing defeated Mohammad LooksuanAutoR1 by decision.
Gaipa Nor.SaNguanpong defeated Chamuaklek Sitlomnow by decision.
Tinglee SuanAhanPeekmai defeated Lorfiew SitSuperBank by decision.
EkBurapha OhLukOo defeated Apisit Sor.Somnuek by decision.
Lekkuenroob Kiatpraison defeated Chalampetch AnSukhumvit by knockout in round 3.
Kengkla Jitmuangnon defeated Luknimit Singklongsi by decision.
Petchniran Por.Prawit defeated Songchana Tor.BruceLee by knockout in round 4.
Kaomuen SorGor.SuNgaiGym defeated Suapetch KiatNavy by decision.
SaiNakhon NayokNumSalaya defeated Lekpetch Sitphuyaikamla by decision.
Lukyod Sitsampayak defeated Klasuek Sor.Supatto by decision.
DekMuangJeen LooksuanAutoR1 defeated Rungnawee Sitkamnanpom by knockout in round 3.
KariengThai Gor.PetchSuttipong defeated Prabtoranee Singklongsi by decision.
Petchphayatai Sangmorakot defeated Deuan Jitmuangnon by decision.
Phayakrut Sor.Isarachot defeated Yokmahesuan PhukongOngTorMor by knockout in round 3.
PetchmuangOng Banraimonta defeated Ngaopeesad Or.Nittayaporn by knockout in round 4.
Faidaeng BigWinChampionGym defeated Mungkornjeen LooksuanAutoR1 by decision.
Captain PatcharaGym defeated Sikror SitSorAe by knockout in round 2.
Promrob Por.Preechachai defeated Liempetch Sitjasing by decision.
Robocop Sor.Suwannaran defeated Sookna Payakmuangchon by decision.