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Super Fight Series: Winter Storm


Super Fight Series: Winter Storm took place on Saturday, 10th February 2024 at Dunstable Conference Centre, United Kingdom

Event Information

  • Name: Super Fight Series: Winter Storm
  • Date:
    10th February 2024
  • Venue:
    Dunstable Conference Centre
  • Location:


Jamie Petch defeated Zaith Mon by knockout in round 2.
Lewis Cook WIN Decision
Sy Collins
Lewis Cook defeated Sy Collins by decision.
Tye Riches WIN Decision
All Real Jot
Tye Riches defeated All Real Jot by decision.
Sami Hayes defeated Matthew Vaughan by decision.
Amine El Boujadaini defeated Shane Miller by technical knockout in round 4.
Constantine Mihaylov defeated Joseph Sandwell by decision.
Kabir Bonney-Bhandal defeated Unknown Unknown by technical knockout in round 3.
Cameron Hughes WIN Decision
Mihai Melu
Cameron Hughes defeated Mihai Melu by decision.
Finley Wardell defeated James Doogan by knockout in round 2.
Hayder Choudhury Ramos defeated Connor Platt by knockout in round 1.
Sebastian Jigan defeated Liam Goodley by decision.
Denis Foresi WIN Decision
Ciwan Solmus
Denis Foresi defeated Ciwan Solmus by decision.
Fin Taylor
Tyler Hourihan WIN Decision
Tyler Hourihan defeated Fin Taylor by decision.
Sophia Picton defeated Unknown Unknown by decision.
Stevie Lee Weldrake defeated Freddie Fisher by decision.
Alfie Newman WIN Decision
Layton Nolan
Alfie Newman defeated Layton Nolan by decision.
Daniel Stoyanov
Max Fogg WIN Decision
Max Fogg defeated Daniel Stoyanov by decision.
Unknown Unknown defeated Ryan Unknown by decision.
Luke Scard
Zac Keehn WIN Decision
Zac Keehn defeated Luke Scard by decision.
Ed Glass WIN TKO R2
Joe Oswin
Ed Glass defeated Joe Oswin by technical knockout in round 2.
Kane Downey
George Creed WIN Decision
George Creed defeated Kane Downey by decision.
Nasem Ali WIN Decision
Connor Stephen
Nasem Ali defeated Connor Stephen by decision.
Jamie Petch defeated Zeith Mon by knockout in round 2.