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Thai Fight League


Thai Fight League took place on Sunday, 11th February 2024 at Thai Fight Arena: Beat Active, Thailand

Event Information

  • Name: Thai Fight League
  • Date:
    11th February 2024
  • Venue:
    Thai Fight Arena: Beat Active
  • Location:


Singkaw ChalamsuekMuayThaiGym defeated Chanachai Chor.ChanaMuayThai by knockout in round 2.
Petchniyom Lukporphayasua defeated Yodthewin Mor.RajabhatMubanChomBueng by decision.
Poya Bayrami Piralgher defeated Chaiburi Luksingnamchai by decision.
Khunsueklek Sitphuyaithep defeated Petchrung SorGor.Ekawin by knockout in round 1.
Phayasing Sor.Sommit defeated Prakaiploy Mor.RajabhatLampang by decision.
Ye Yint Nung defeated PetchSiam Sitphuyaijuk by decision.
Mohammad Barghi defeated Ye Kyaw Swar by decision.
DaoPhrae SethiRueaThong defeated Mohsen Ayanat by knockout in round 1.
Tongchai Petchrungruang defeated Firdavs Erkinov by technical knockout in round 2.
PetchEk Banraimonta defeated Jorge Castro by knockout in round 1.
Ngaopeesad Or.Nittayaporn defeated Mangsungnoen Tor.Pitaksungnoen by knockout in round 2.
Sipsongpanna Kiatwinai defeated Kongprimprom OrBorTor.Nongthong by technical knockout in round 1.
Masoud Moghimian defeated Kongchai Chor.Chaiwat by technical knockout in round 3.
Gisele Werth defeated Rachele Malatesta by decision.