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TorNamThai Ruamponkon Samui Kiatpetch


TorNamThai Ruamponkon Samui Kiatpetch took place on Sunday, 11th February 2024 at Rajadamnern Stadium, Thailand

Event Information

  • Name: TorNamThai Ruamponkon Samui Kiatpetch
  • Date:
    11th February 2024
  • Venue:
    Rajadamnern Stadium
  • Location:


Samlan Lukporphayasua defeated Nassim Petchkiatpetch by decision.
Jaipetch SoonKelaTaSao defeated Yassine Hamlaoui by decision.
Petch-in SoonKelaHuaytom defeated Chalamthong Lukporphayasua by knockout in round 1.
Petchtakhun Sor.PhongAmorn defeated TahanEk Lukporphayasua by decision.
Decho Bor.Borirak draw Petchwichai Chor.Ajonlaboon.
Rachan Sor.Sommuek defeated Ploykaw Or.UdUdon by decision.
Damduad Teecharoenmuang defeated SuperBank Jor.PatreeyaKelaSiamSurin by decision.
Yiamyut Por.Mongkol-in defeated Haddis Sor.Jitsanongchat by decision.
Kaewfahnoi Kiatchachanan defeated Samingdaeng Chor.Ajonlaboon by decision.
Petchkla InfightStyle defeated PayakUdon Or.UdUdon by decision.
Petchboonchob Sor.Parat defeated Petchkaolan Singmawynn by decision.
Petchnippon Sak-ChorRorBor defeated Petchkongfah Wor.TechnoLuangPhusuang by decision.
Singsamrong Tulanuengkao defeated Jaochingchai Sor.Tienpo by knockout in round 3.
Petchjedsee Kiatmoo4 defeated Kongkiatpetch Kiatchachanan by knockout in round 2.
Payakrachen JomhodAutoMuayThai defeated Komsorn Sor.Sakkumuang by knockout in round 2.
Payaksamrong Tulanuengkao defeated Ruaychai Or.Pimorn by knockout in round 3.
Kaolan SorJor.DanRayong defeated Kongpop YaseefansamoonpraiSaiyok by knockout in round 4.
Poye AdsanPatong defeated Petchparuhat Sitnayoktaweeptapong by knockout in round 3.
Saeng Sor.Chokmeechai defeated Rittichai KruahjirapatSeafood by decision.
Silachai Dabchankongprab defeated PetchShogun RongrienKelaKhonKaen by knockout in round 3.
Antonio Martinez defeated Ramba Sor.HongpaiPhayao by knockout in round 1.
SaenEk Sor.Ratchaphum defeated Ployrungpetch Lukporphayasua by decision.
Moteenoi PrakasitGym defeated Petchnippon Por.Mongkol-in by decision.
Yodsian Detrat defeated Giant Sitbonsakon by decision.
Sing Sor.Chokmeechai defeated Petchmorakot Sitnayoktaweeptapong by decision.
Katapetch Singmawynn defeated Khunpon Ekmuangnon by decision.
Petchbangton Sor Dechapan defeated Chanasuek Rotsuayjajetsaipriw by knockout in round 4.
Fuse Parunchai defeated Namkabuan Chor.Ketweena by knockout in round 4.
Juan Evengelista defeated Petchpana Sor.SamarnGarment by knockout in round 2.
Cameroon Sitlomnow defeated Lekpetch HorJorGor.SaNguanchai by knockout in round 4.
Eddie Fotek defeated Frankie Brimacombe by decision.
Petchjedsi Kiatmoo4 defeated Tabtimdaeng Sor.PhongAmorn by knockout in round 4.
Mahasamut RongPaeSamnakbokChonburi defeated Petchkla InfightStyle by decision.
Teeradet ChangNakhonSi defeated Petchtapee PU.Pabai by decision.
Pleng PaBrakeCompact defeated Yokmungkorn Wor.Suksan by knockout in round 3.
Petchdam PU.pabai defeated PetchAdisak ArisaGroup by knockout in round 3.
Saidiew Sor.Damri defeated Chailek Wor.Suksan by decision.
FaipetchNakhon JakrawanMuayThai defeated Singdam Sor.Malaithong by knockout in round 3.
Silalad SorJor.Lekmuangnon defeated Phumpayak Por.PrakitGym by knockout in round 4.
Thailand Sor.Rungsak defeated Chaiyai ChotBangSaen by knockout in round 3.
Petchsaenchai MUden defeated JongAngSuek Sor.Theppitak by decision.
Petchnamchai SorJor.TongPrachin defeated Komkrit J.PowerRoofChiangmai by decision.
Weeranat Panyutaphum defeated Yodpanomtuan SitnayokAnong by knockout in round 4.
Dennarong Sor.CharoendetMuayThai defeated Superjeng Sor.Rungsak by decision.
Deon Augustine defeated Mongkolchai Saengthongkagas by knockout in round 2.
Aryan Yarahmady defeated Jaopayu Por.PluemGym by knockout in round 2.
Payakmekka Sor.Suwanatat defeated Nuclear Sor.Supatto by decision.
Ruaychai Por.PimOrn defeated Wanmeechok Por.PluemGym by knockout in round 1.
Petchkaolan Singmawynn defeated Kongpop YaseefansamoonpraiSaiyok by decision.
Jingreedthong KelaSport defeated Katapetch Singmawynn by decision.
Petchkiri Suannamtankiri defeated Payakmekin Gor.Suwanatat by decision.
Chaisee ChotBangSaen defeated Pokémon SitNayokAnong by knockout in round 4.