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Joe Ryan Makes History as First Englishman to Capture Rajadamnern Stadium Middleweight Title

UK & Ireland

Joe Ryan Makes History as First Englishman to Capture Rajadamnern Stadium Middleweight Title

3 months ago | Published: 16th December 2023

Joe Ryan beats Petchmai to become the first English Rajadamnern Stadium Champion and the youngest non-Thai person to win the Stadium Middleweight Title.

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A Historic Victory for Joe Ryan

In a remarkable display of skill and determination, Joe Ryan, the 19-year-old sensation from Liverpool, UK, made history by becoming the first Englishman to win the Rajadamnern Stadium Middleweight Title. This victory also marks him as the youngest non-Thai to clinch this prestigious title in Muay Thai.

The Decisive Battle: Ryan vs. Petchmai

On December 16, at the RWS Muay Thai event, Ryan faced the formidable Petchmai. Initially scheduled to defend his spot in the rankings, the bout was elevated to a title match after the former champion Bento was stripped of the title. Ryan's fighting style, characterized by his controlled range with teeps and jabs, kept the dangerous Petchmai at bay while he effectively used switch kicks. Dominating the early rounds, Ryan was leading 30-27 on all three judges' cards after three rounds.

A Turn of Events and Unwavering Resilience

However, the fight took a dramatic turn in the fourth round. Petchmai closed the distance, landing an elbow that caused a cut on Ryan. In a pivotal moment, Ryan's knee accidentally made contact with Petchmai's groin, leading to Petchmai dropping to the canvas in pain. This incident left viewers anxious, fearing the fight might be scored a no contest. Despite the tension, after a significant pause, Petchmai bravely continued the fight with increased urgency. Ryan, unfazed by the incident, maintained a solid defense, showcasing his resilience under challenging circumstances.

The Final Round and Unanimous Victory

In the final round, Ryan reverted to his initial strategy, effectively controlling the distance and securing a unanimous decision victory. This win not only highlighted his resilience and skill but also marked a significant moment in the history of British Muay Thai.

Joe Ryan's Reflections and Future Aspirations

Reflecting on his victory, Joe Ryan said, "I'm made up, made it a little bit harder than it needed to be in the end but I got the job done, I'm so happy." This candid assessment of his performance underscores his dedication to constant improvement. Regarding his future plans, Ryan stated, "I'd like to defend the belt against Bento if possible... he was the last person to beat me, he's my only loss in 5 years so I'd love to avenge that loss and let him have a chance to get his belt back"​​.

Looking Ahead: The Challenge to Bento

In a post-match interview, Ryan expressed his intention to defend his title against Bento. He seeks to avenge his previous non-title fight loss to Bento, which stands as his only defeat in the past five years. Ryan's challenge to Bento sets the stage for a highly anticipated rematch, offering him a chance for redemption and Bento an opportunity to reclaim the belt.

A Milestone in British Muay Thai

Joe Ryan's victory at Rajadamnern Stadium is more than just a personal achievement; it's a milestone in the world of Muay Thai, particularly for British fighters. His upcoming endeavours, including the potential match against Bento, are eagerly awaited by fans and analysts, promising thrilling bouts and further accolades in his burgeoning career.

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