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World League of Fighters and WBC Muay Thai Unveil League-Style Tournament
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World League of Fighters and WBC Muay Thai Unveil League-Style Tournament

3 months ago | Published: 3rd January 2024

In a recent development for the world of combat sports, the World League of Fighters (WLF) has announced a partnership with the World Boxing Council MuayThai (WBC MuayThai), to introduce a unique, league-style competition. This innovative tournament is said to feature 20 of the world’s top Muay Thai fighters, who will be divided into four franchises. These teams will compete in a round-robin format to win the WLFxWBC Title Belt.

The World League of Fighters aims to elevate Muay Thai to a global level, combining the sport with entertainment elements. The organiser's plan to host concerts by internationally renowned artists at the arena following the Muay Thai events, blending combat sports with entertainment to draw fans worldwide and boost international tourism.

The partnership between WLF and WBC Muay Thai is seen as a significant step forward for the Muay Thai industry and combat sports in general. Col. Thanapol Bhakdibhumi, President of WBC Muay Thai, views this league-style competition as a vital initiative to energise the sport and increase its spectacle and excitement. Rahul Saxena, CEO and President of WLF, echoes this sentiment, stating that the collaboration marks the beginning of a progressive era in martial arts and sports entertainment. This new league concept is expected to provide a dynamic platform that goes beyond conventional combat sports, offering an unparalleled experience for fans and setting the stage for the future of combat sports.