Naka Kaewsamrit

2W 3L 0D

Naka Kaewsamrit

About Naka Kaewsamrit

Naka Kaewsamrit was Muay Thai fighter. Retired with a record of 2-3-0, .

Tale of the Tape

  • Name:
    Naka Kaewsamrit
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Fight History

L 2014
L 2014
L 2013
W 2012
W 2006

Fight History

Wins (40%)
Wins by Knockout / TKO (0%)
Wins by Decision (100 %)
Losses (60%)
By Knockout / TKO (0%)
By Decision (33 %)

Fight Record

LOSS KO R1--Muay Thai
6th Jun 2014 - Muay Thai
Arthur Meyer defeated Naka Kaewsamrit by knockout in round 1.
LOSS TKO R2--Muay Thai
5th Mar 2014 - Onesongchai
Chorfah Tor Sangtiennoi defeated Naka Kaewsamrit by technical knockout in round 2.
LOSS Decision --Muay Thai
Thaksinlek Kiatniwat defeated Naka Kaewsamrit by decision.
WIN Decision --Muay Thai
31st May 2012 - Sor Sommai
Naka Kaewsamrit defeated Thanonchai Fairtex by decision.
WIN Decision --Muay Thai
6th Mar 2006 - Onesongchai
Naka Kaewsamrit defeated Pakorn PK Saenchai by decision.